Future fix attachments are not deleted

Adam Howard

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This is likely going to be a major pain/issue to fix, as it doesn't apply across the board. It only applies to attachments in conversations where the deleted user is the only person left.

Flipping this around, it's also possible for it to come up when uninstalling an add-on if the add-on allows attachments.
I have every confidence in your Mike to be able to correct this bug. And I and I imagine everyone else here is very grateful for the hard work you and effort you, @Kier and @Ashley put into developing, producing, and releasing XenForo.

If you need someone to help test a fix before release, I'd be very happy to lend a hand. :)


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Attachments are not deleted. I tested id and really attachments are not deleted. Still showing in FTP (data and internal_data folder). You can try it. Delete an attachment on a message and look at that in FTP. You will see file still there and not deleted. I think it's big a bug.

Chris D

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The files are not physically removed until a certain amount of time has passed and certain cron entries have run.


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I noticed that attachments to the message are not shown if not used in the message.
But when editing, they are displayed below with the possibility of insertion.

This happens just when restoring an earlier version, where there were no attachments.

Will these attachments be considered orphaned, or should I delete them from the message in edit mode?

This is why I ask: hurry - people make fun of. Hurried and took advantage of the add-on Image Converter 5.0 and at the nearest editing everything from the tag url migrated to the attachments.

There was an inconvenience: attachments only apply to this message and it is inconvenient to edit it without seeing the thumbnails.

And there are messages with 4000 pictures (yes, such a forum specifics are series), I roll back the original message, where they were still external, but the attachments themselves will be long removed from messages -)