Attached images don't show as thumbnails


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Hello. I have this configuration in XenForo 1.0.2:

Maximum Attachment File: 1324Kb
Maximum Attachments per Message: 15
Maximum Attachment Image (blank)
Attachment Thumbnail Dimensions: 100
jpg is an allowed extension

When I upload some images in a thread there are many not shown up as images. I want them to appear as thumbnails, is this a bug? I have used the search tool and I can't find anything related.



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In that case the file types are incorrect or are being flagged as something other than .jpg.

You will need to re-save them using a graphics program.

chemdawg 4_b.jpg

I just downloaded the one you attached, opened it in PSP X and then resaved it as a .jpg.
Sorry for reopening a very old thread folks. But it is the only one I have found resembling my current issue.

I have the same issue as the OP above, I have done what Brogan had suggested in #4 and I still have images showing as files and not thumbnails or the option to include as a full image.
Just this minute I have tested the image here and it showed up as a thumbnail.

What could have changed on our forum?
I hope you folks can help when you get a minute?

Thank you.


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Can you upload an avatar as expected?

If not, it sounds like your image processor (presumably GD) is either missing or isn't handling the necessarily file types.
I get an error message when trying to change my current Av, saying "The image could not be processed by the server. Please try another or contact the site owner."

I have had new members register today who have uploaded an Av.? Odd!
Oh Mike, why is nothing simple?

If what you say is the case, what, how, where, and again how to correct? Bearing in mind I am a simpleton!
The image processor, is that forum software related of PC?


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It's the image processing extension to PHP. Out of the box, this is GD. There's an option to change it via "Default Image Processor" so it's worth checking what that's set to.

But if it's set to GD and it's not working, unfortunately you'd need to contact your host so they can look into sorting it.
Thanks Mike, what I'll do is grab a ticket with my host anyway, now you've offered up that info. I can put that to them. They are ever so helpful to me.
I have had some recent help from them (due to posts I've read here) with PHP stuff.

If it turns out it's not not the case, I'll repost here.

Thank you sir! (y)
Just to let you know people, I contacted my host and they enabled the gd php module and all returned to as was.
So thanks @Mike for giving me the terminology to put to them.

Hopefully this will remain a good reference point for other members like me (who don't know a lot) in the future.

Thanks for your help!