Add-on Attach UserID into downloads



I do have a suggestion for a addon which would work for any downloads on the forum either attachments or with the ressource manager.
I know you can add some encoded text to a file with php. If you just append the text, the file will be perfectly fine to use. (e.g. .zip or .exe)
To bad I'm not into php and Xenforo :confused:

So basically, as soon as a member would download an attachement or a ressource on the forum, the forum would automatically add the encrypted UserID and the date into that file.
If this user would then leak the file somewhere else, you would be able to either look it up manually, or upload the file to your server which would then tell you who downloaded it from your forum and when.

I think a lot of addon creators would like this kind of addon ;)
A setting would be the encryption password for the stuff embedded (just to make sure noone tries to scam another user on your forum). You could also set a static string so you can identify its your forum.

Would that be hard to implement or do you have any other ideas about that?

I guess what you have to do, is to intercept the downlaod process - dont know if that is possible in Xenforo, but hey :love: