Wanted: "My Downloads" tab on the user profile page



in order to motivate people rate/review things which they have downloaded in RM on my website, I think "Downloads" tab could be so useful on a user profile page. Something like this:

When you click this tab, Xenforo loads list of your RM downloads just like recent postings in the existing tab. Is there something like this among add-ons, does anyone know? Something that could be further adjusted to someone's needs.

The goal is to have some page where all downloads are listed, to show it your users and say 'hey, go leave a review weither you liked it or not'. Could help some engagement I think, and further RM integration into Xenforo proper :).

The best in my opinion is to show 1) name/link to resource page aligned left, and 2) your current stars rating (or leave your review! link if not rated yet) aligned right. That is if someone asks about suggestion for future core features or add-ons.
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