XF 2.2 Is there a way to re-order the user profile tabs?


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Keeping "Profile Posts" as the first tab, I'd like to re-order user profile tabs. I noticed "Member Info" is like 4 or 5 tabs in (after some add-ons). If I could put that right after Profile Posts, I'd be happy. hehe

Any tips would be most appreciated! :)
@Brogan I did some testing. I can get the "Member Info" profile tab to move over right after "Profile Posts" by moving the two associated blocks of code (one that shows the tab, and the other that displays the content).

But a big issue. Now when "Member Info" (About) is clicked, it shows the user's info, but the entire profile vanishes, and all you see is the info and the menu. :(

Can you give me some pointers?
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