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The Xenforo Resource Manager is not intended as a downloads manager. This is something that comes up in XFRM support discussions. XFRM has mandatory functions for versioning, updates, support URL, which are not applicable to a normal use case of Downloads manager. XFRM also lacks many important functions that you need to host a downloads section for a community. The XFRM is too basic for this purpose. My suggestion is for a new far more advanced addon.

This is why I suggest an Advanced Downloads Management System. Something similar as DownloadsII or LDM or DBT Downloads for vbulletin.

Features could include:
  • Modern Portal page.
  • Nested Categories.
  • Different Layouts per category
  • Single and Multiple Files per download
  • "Download All Files" button.
  • Embedding of files: pdf, docx, etc.
  • Embed cloud services like Google Docs, Prezi, etc.
  • Thumbnails creation
  • Default icons for file types
  • CDN hosting
  • Widgets: popular/recent/featured/trending downloads. Similar content.
  • Password protection
  • Permission: Maximum downloads / size per day
  • Audio Player & Playlists.
  • Automatically import linked files
  • Member Albums
  • Fields for Original Source, Name, URL.
  • Generate APA reference from above fields for use in forum.
  • Sharing tools
  • Comments
  • Filters & search per file type.
  • Filters & Search on custom fields.
  • Convert thread to Download.
  • Reuse Download as attachment
  • Reuse Attachments as Download
  • Download Tracking (who downloaded)
  • Paid Files
  • Batch Update Downloads
  • Check for broken links.
  • Resume Downloads
  • Prevent Duplicate Files
  • Reduce Filesize.
  • After members post a link in forum to a file on a specific site, ask if they want to add the file to the downloads manager.
  • Email updates about new & popular downloads.
An Advanced Downloads Management Addon would be an enhancement to my sites and would increase activity.
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