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Lack of interest Resource Manager Importer: Links & Downloads Manager


Well-known member
Currently one of the main bottlenecks for migrating my big board is the lack of a Resource manager importer.
I have 11.000 documents in my downloads section of my vbulletin big board. I am using LDM for it. Links & Downloads Manager was downloaded thousands of times on vb.org so there must be others who encounter the same issue.

I do see requests for an importer for Downloads II which is the other popular resources solution for vbulletin. I'm sure if an importer would be built it would be useful to also include support for IP.Downloads.

Nelson T.

I used the DBTech (ugh) Downloads Manager on VB4. (I agree Downloads II was better, but the coder stopped supporting it, so we moved).
It uses an external file to store the actual download files.

The importer should work for all 3 platforms, and frankly, I will pay a coder up to $100 to create an importer that will load files (documents and some graphics) from an external file into RM.
Loading 2,000 files one at a time is a killer.