Add-on Resource Manager Batch Funtions


I would like to see some batch options for the Resource Manager, in the Admin. CP or in the Resources Moderators menu.

1) Resource Icons, Batch operation, Use the existing File Image if it exists (first image) or import their file images as their Icons.

2) Resource Icons, Batch ability to resize and rebuild the Icons widths and heights with some option to resize individual icons.

3) Resource Icons, Ability to Assign a default icon to all files in a Resource Manager category or a sub category.

4) Resource Icons, A batch moderator or admin menu for assigning default Icons to individual Files by choosing which files to edit.

5) Ignore a files prefix if it exists or batch convert files to correct file names, see below (Batman 66 vs. 98012-Batman 66

VBulletin's DownloadsII added a five digit code and a dash to the prefix of the actual file names, (Batman 66 became 98012-Batman 66 when uploaded) but when downloaded the file was correctly saved without the prefix of 98012-, as Batman 66 The old program ignored the prefix.

My files now have 5 digit codes in front of them when downloading in Resources, some of my downloads won't work properly with the prefix.

6) Ability to have actual file names and extensions as a backup on the server, in addition to the .data files, or be able to view and/or convert the .data files to their real file names and extensions on my computer.
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