XF 2.2 Assorted improvements

We're fast approaching the time where we're able to unleash XenForo 2.2 on this very forum but, before we do, we wanted to tell you about a few slightly more miscellaneous features that we've been keeping under our hat.

Advanced options switch

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have already spotted some hints about this in some of our earlier screenshots. 🤫

XenForo has an ever-increasing number of options and then by the time you put add-on options in the mix, the options pages may start to feel somewhat daunting and unwieldy at times, especially for new admins to the platform. After all, there are nearly 200 options in XenForo alone.

We (and add-on developers) are now able to mark options or entire option groups as "advanced".


What this intends to do is simply hide some of the options we deem to be more "advanced" so as to simplify the option lists while also making it very easy to unhide if the need presents itself.

To do this you can toggle "Advanced mode" for your admin account. The easiest way to do this is from within the option list itself when options are hidden. Clicking "Show them" will reveal the advanced options and enable "Advanced mode" permanently for your admin account.


An alternative and perhaps slightly more pre-emptive way to enable Advanced mode is from the "cogs" menu in the admin control panel header. You just need to toggle the checkbox in the menu footer:


Other places you can toggle it are from the list of option groups and while editing an administrator account.

Chris D

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The behaviour of the alerts popup changed a bit in XF 2.2.

We display a maximum of 25 alerts sent within the last 7 days. You can adjust the alertsPopupExpiryDays option to reduce how many days worth of alerts to keep in the popup.


That doesn't quite work - switch it to '1 day' for the popup, refresh the forum, and I still see 'read' alerts back to Tuesday. But it doesn't matter for a few days here or there.
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