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Assorted Interface Improvements 1.0.0 Alpha 4

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Kruzya submitted a new resource:

Assorted Interface Improvements - Collection of improvements for interface and UX (for admins)

Small add-on for improving (?) UX in interface.
At this moment, in this add-on i implemented small, but handy features only for admins. You can suggest own features, if you interested.

Fast translation for "creatable" objects​

Some of the elements that the administrator creates from the admin interface use a "phrase system" to be able to translate into another languages. In this add-on i implemented a quick opening "edit phrase" overlay where phrases is used...

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Kruzya updated Assorted Interface Improvements with a new update entry:

Update to v1.0.0 Alpha 4

It looks like XF devs isn't interested in improving UX, so this add-on will try improve them where it is possible without "many blood".
  1. Disabled autocomplete for Two Factor forms. This suggested ~2 years ago (thread).
    Two factor codes can't be repeat too often, so autocomplete is a trash browser feature and should be disabled.
    No one reply about "reasons for existing current solution" is sent. We can only suspect, why...

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