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Assorted Interface Improvements 1.0.0 Alpha 4

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It looks like XF devs isn't interested in improving UX, so this add-on will try improve them where it is possible without "many blood".
  1. Disabled autocomplete for Two Factor forms. This suggested ~2 years ago (thread).
    Two factor codes can't be repeat too often, so autocomplete is a trash browser feature and should be disabled.
    No one reply about "reasons for existing current solution" is sent. We can only suspect, why.
  2. Improved a resource visibility checks when staff member (moderator) changes a author (reassigns).
    You can't reassign resource via button "Reassign" into resource menu to another user, because "he don't see". But, you can via inline moderation or if you add this user to "resource team".
    Marked "as designed" by devs.
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Increased a execution order for all templates modifications. This should fix all issues like "broken" [TH] Reactions Plus.