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Okay, so I've got a master theme where I have done most of my template edits, and a child theme with other edits. However, I would like to remove the master theme completely and have all the customised templates treated as if they were created on the child, so it no longer depends on the master. I managed to do this with the TMS templates by simply opening them and saving them again in the new theme, but this doesn't seem to work with default templates.

Any ideas as to how I can achieve this?
Do not try this until someone verifies...

But I believe the parent edits are applied to the child if the parent is deleted... I might be completely wrong, but I believe I have seen that somewhere....... I'm now beginning to even doubt it was this software... or if it ever happened...

I will try it for you :)

So, the changes made to Parent styles will propagate down to child styles as long as the child style hasn't already been edited. This is indicated by a template in the child style being highlighted in orange.

If the template in the child style is highlighted in red, it means either it was edited before the parent (and therefore will not inherit any changes made to the parent) or it was modified after the parent (in which case it will have inherited any changes made to the parent, before the child template was edited).

That's confusing enough.

In my testing, I made an edit to a parent style template. This did propagate down to the child style.

I then removed the parent style.

The change was NOT visible in the child style. Therefore if you remove the parent style, all of the customisations to it will also be lost.

Hopefully there's some other way to achieve this.
Alright, I understand. It might end up being a case of manually copying the edits from the master style to the new, then. A bit of a pain, but certainly not unfeasible for ~20 template edits or so.

Thanks a lot for your time :)
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