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I am planning to migrate the style used in to XF 2.2.x as a derivative style of CSCN-Anniversary.
The new style will be named as "Xenostalgia".
Before that, I have questions to both Kier and Mike :

1. I saw the "Design by Princeton" at the footer of Is Princeton one of those devs in vBulletin 3 team?
2. Who were participated into the design of vBulletin 3.x default style?

These information are for purposes of crediting their aesthetic efforts.
I’m not sure Kier and Mike are best placed to answer any questions about this given the amount of time that has passed and not being involved with the company for well over 10 years.

If you require information I suggest you start with Princeton and if you’re unable to verify said information or receive express permission from them that you’re allowed to port the style it’s probably best you don’t.
Is Princeton one of those devs in vBulletin 3 team?
IIRC Princeton wasn't involved as a developer during vBulletin 3; developers were Kier, Mike, Scott, Freddie, Jerry (for ImpEx) and myself (for a short time).
Princeton was involved with as admin there.

Though as Chris has already pointed out, this has been a long time ago and I might remember wrong.
I’m afraid the core devs had virtually nothing to do with back then, it ran almost completely independently of Jelsoft during my tenure.
WRT the default vBulletin 3 style, that was mostly me - though I had nothing to with the style
According to my observation, Princeton did these things additional to the default vB3 style (IIRC):

1. @vb-contentBg and @vb-contentAltBg are #f7f7f7 and #efefef.
2. Background (static gif-based), footer (a black footer) and header, plus that the quick login unit has been moved to the top-right corner of the header. Also, the navigation tab system which XenForo 2 already has. // I guess I will only migrate the footer, header-background, and the background.
5. Previously, when vBorg was using vB 3.6.x, the breadcumb-navbar unit was placed differently comparing to what vBulletin 3.7.x and 3.8.x behave by default. This is not a visible change except showing an error page with user login form: In usual cases (if I recalled correctly) of vBulletin 3.7.x and 3.8.x, such page won't show the breadcumb-navbuttons again... which is different than wat vBorg. However, at least one thing is certain: the breadcumb-navbar unit is configured to not have horizontal page margins. // These are unrelated to XenForo, still, and I won't migrate this unit.
6. Forumbits are configured to show column type names right beneath the category bar.... which is something similar to this: [ShikiSuen] Node List Item Classification Bar right below category title bar. | XenForo community .
This sounds like a cool idea.

Off topic but I’m not sure why I thought went offline years ago. I just found my account—seeing my posts from 2006 is a trip.
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