Ashton Kutcher 'to replace Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men'


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Is it April 1?
Lol, that is what I thought as well when I first heard about it, a bad joke :D

Ashton Kutcher is no replacement for Charlie Sheen.

Charlie is the same in real life as he was on two and a half men.
Exactly. That is what made him perfect for that role.

It is too bad Sheen's mood swings, arrogance and drug problems killed the show.
I'll watch one episode of Aston Kutcher and probably none after that.
Indeed, such a shame that he had to ruin it for everyone.

Digital Doctor

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Ashton Kutcher doesn't fit the profile as well as Sheen did. Nor does he 'look the part'.
The part is: "Older guy, acting Young, refuses to grow up". Kutcher is young, looks young, and isn't grown up.

I don't know, I don't find him funny at all. I don't think he can really act.
Yea. I agree. I like the show That 70's show. But I don't think his role is particularly well done.

steven s

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Reminds me when they changed Samantha's husband in Bewitched in mid stream. I never even noticed.
Let's see, in 1969 I was 13 but still didn't notice nor did I care.


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From what I've heard, they are "killing off" Charlie's character and Ashton is going to be playing a new character. So not really replacing him in that sense. Just taking over as the lead character. As someone who really enjoys the show, I'm not so sure how successful Ashton will be. It really is a shame that Charlie had to be such jackass.

Dark Matter

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Ashton Kutcher - is a good choice I think, seriously no pun intended. I watched a movie called "Spies" and the guy can actually act. Thumbs-up from me! (y)

Never rated Charlie Sheen as an actor anyway, you can't really pick any worse than him as an acting replacement.

Fred Sherman

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If I were the one writing the replacement episode, I'd kill of Charlie too. And just to piss off Sheen, I'd do it in two parts, with the first part as a "clip show" showing him at his worst. Anyway, he's doing a married woman. What neither of them know, is her husband is coming home early from Afghanistan and the surprise homecoming is being covered by the local news. Half blitzed, instinct kicks in and he scrambles out of the bedroom window. Had he only been sober enough to realize their apartment was on the seventh floor. The local news covers it as a related story as Jake and Alan watch television.

Part two is the funeral. Alan has a mixture of sadness and happiness. Not poor anymore. Beach house is his! Drives to the funeral in "his" Mercedes. Which brings us to the end of episode two and the reading of the will, revealing the long lost son of Charlie. Enter Kutcher...

New show dynamic. It was always Charlie/Alan with Jake on the side. Now, its Kutcher/Jake and Alan being the fussy overseer. If their lucky, they get one solid season out of it and then one with miserable, sliding ratings and cancellation.