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Im not sure if a mod yet exists but i and others want to do reviews of linux indie games on my site and we want something similair to the look of xenforos node pages but be able to have them split into pages themselves and have comments if that makes sense?

So they could visit review A which is 5 pages long itself and has say 20 comments.

Is anything like this possible/already exists?



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Liam there is no really satisfactory solution to this on XF at the moment.

XF Pages don't have pagination, comments (your request) or bbcode editing (many other requests). I dunno why one of the coders hasn't stepped up on this one as the line of requests on these issues goes back to XF starting.

8WAyRun has done add-ons like a portal but this doesn't create pages, it runs off forums which it display teasers on a portal page. I think this is different to what you want.
8WAyRun has also done a wiki which does carry comments, and easy editing with bbcode; you can set yourself or mods to being editors. But you can't place selected pages in the main node tree and it's a bit odd on categories and navigation. You also have to stick to very short page titles or else the sidebar block screws up.
This coder is also very stretched and busy on running a lot of add-ons and his own large and busy site, so getting answers to wuestions either takes a while or doesn't happen.

At the moment I'm trying out Contentteller an independent cms which is absolutely amazing in its features. Integrates witrh XF membership, usergroups. Single static pages - multiple paginated Articles - News items - Links directory - Glossary of linked keywords. Disable components you don't want. Build sidebars left/ right as you wish; and create a portal/ splash based on a lead component in the centre.
The developer is patient, courteous and responds to queries fast.
The main downside is no XF theme though it does have a good flexible design section at admin level. It should be possible to create a matching look. STOP PRESS: XF theme on the way see
The other downside is cost - beyond a lot of people's budget though uinderstandable for such a massive and well constructed software.
E87 or £73 or $115.
Morgain many thanks for your time i have checked out contentteller and it looks like exactly what i need. The person in charge of it seems very nice and friendly reading forum posts and he uses xenforo himself which is interesting.

I will be giving the trial version a go and will see how i get on with that my only worry is how to transfer all my existing news from a "news forum" over to it but there may already be some option in its news module.


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After checking it out, it seems very over the top for what I need really :(
It might be.
You can disable a great deal of it and just use the Articles component which would give you paginated pages.
The Content component is for single pages, and can also add forms.

I think myself it would be good if CT offered a cut down version just doing Articles for example. This could also allow a lower price. I have suggested it to the developer.


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I remember a similar topic in 2010 where it was requested that the popular Articles add-on for vBulletin 3.x be ported to xenForo:

I know several add-ons made here for xenForo because they were so popular on vBulletin 3.x, and because many of the users and add-on makers worked on modifying vBulletin/are ex-users. I have no doubt that an Articles add-on for xenForo would be popular here as it has been on vBulletin.


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Not currently but I'm talking to a coder about a basic solution to start
hopefully adding more later.l

Stage 1 - Pagination, and bbcode editor to Create/ Edit.
Thanks James but there are a few bugs to work out in xenporta's article view which makes it a bit of a pain + it doesn't give pagination as it's still a forum post.


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Thanks James but there are a few bugs to work out in xenporta's article view which makes it a bit of a pain + it doesn't give pagination as it's still a forum post.
You are right. I have deactivated the Article function. My Users dont like it, because of the limited view of the Commentlooking posts and some other issues
That and the documentation on how to actually use it properly doesn't really make much sense.

You can also only add a customized layout once you have enabled it, why can't i add multiple ones before i enable it?! = As soon as it's enabled it's up before i've had a chance to edit it to look good. You can also only create a block when the entire forum is in dev goes on.

Many pet peeves about xenporta. For a portal it's great to have a couple blocks and news in the middle like an actual portal and nothing more than that which is why i donated.


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I would rather work with a coder who answers queries. I do understand being busy heck I work 12 hour days standard before I even get to look at my forums. But if you take on too many projects you can't support them properly.
My experience came from trying to use the wiki as a possible Article system.)
I have decided to take it upon myself to write this articles system it's bugging me that much, it will only be simple but it will be functional at least.

I will write a simple block for xenporta as well I think. Can probably have a rough version done this evening.


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Liam wonderful.
What will it do? Pagination on the XF Pages I guess because that's what you said first.

If ONLY someone would add the bbcode editor or whatever this is we use to write posts, to create/ edit XFPages I could get started on loading my 100s of articles. But I just can't face trudging through html to do it. There were quite a few besides me asking for this right from the first weeks of XF. I can't understand why it hasn't been done yet. I'm happy to pay too.
Actually it will be a little different to what I was talking about as i don't know the ins and outs of xenforo programming so it will be more of an outside system that links in with xenforo in some way.

Probably won't be ready tonight and probably won't be what anyone else wants :p, infact it's probably not worth it haha i should probably find out how to extend xenforos page system.