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We are in the process of creating some static content for our forum. Forum members are working on this in a forum for drafts and saving as articles. Ultimately the logical presentation mode appears to be a Page node. Is there a tool for transferring/migrating content from forum article to Page node. I tried move thread but that does accept a Page node as a destination.

There is nothing built in.
Is there an addon?

Having looked closer at Forum (Article) type node I think we might be able to achieve desired presentation with Forum Articles. Still considering since this makes content authoring possible without Admin access.
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I think you need to use html code in page nodes..

You can easily copy an post by viewing html page source in your browser and copy pasting the post/article content to the page node. Not so ideal if you have many articles of course but is useful for a few. And of course you will need admin access.

The content of the article should be obvious the first post (article) will be within the <div class="bbWrapper"></div> pages. Just past including those tags
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