Are the prisons overpopulated, or is the population over-imprisoned?


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I got caught growing a few pounds of weed years ago, long story short, half of it was missing by the time it all got to court, and a cop came back to my place days later for the light shades, put them in the boot of his car and drove the opposite way to the police station. I got fined $300.

My buddy in high school had to watch his mum get beaten by his stepdad on a regular basis, so he got an axe, parted the guys forehead permanently and burned what was left of him in a mineshaft. 3 years jail.

The law works in mysterious ways here.

Ernest L. Defoe

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Too many people in jail for marijuana possession. Make it legal and we won't have to spend our taxes on them...AND the marijuana can be taxed. Win win.

I totally agree. You have people in jail for stupid reasons such as this. It's a total waste of tax payer money. It's like the government paying millions of dollars on missles and then shoot tens of thousands of them in a few hours. What they need to do is tell the people we aren't paying that kind of money for them. After buying a couple of hundred of them at current prices the company that built them has more that paid for the R&D and now just lining the pockets of the people that own/run the company. It's time for the government to take a stand and quit wasting tax payer money by over paying for things as well as not incarcerating people for petty crimes such as possession of marijuana which has been stated could be made legal and taxed like everything else.