XF 1.5 Apparently banned email address


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Recently, we have had a few users who complained they were unable to sign up using "googlemail.com" accounts.

I double-checked, googlemail.com is not listed under the banned email addresses. To be certain, I deleted all banned addresses, disabled all add-ons and even the listeners in config.php. Yet, the issue persists.

When I try to change an account in the ACP, I still receive the message:

The email address you entered has been banned by the administrator. Please try another.

Where else could I be looking? Any pointer is appreciated.

Chris D

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Therein lies the problem :)

I appreciate sometimes doing things manually in the Admin CP takes longer, but unfortunately it is a necessary evil because there is often data cached elsewhere, as is the case here.

Rebuilding that cache is probably somewhat simple, though. Just go to the Banned Emails page, add a new banned email, and then delete it. This should rebuild the cache, and hopefully solve the problem.