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APC Upgrade?


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In short, no. The configure script didn't even finish running.

It looks like /var/tmp was mounted with the 'noexec' option. As a kludge, you can remount it with the 'exec' option, perform the upgrade, and then change it back to 'noexec' once done.


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Assuming that is the problem, in your case, you can change it by using:

mount -o,remount,rw,exec /var/tmp

and to change it back, once done with the install:

mount -o,remount,rw,noexec /var/tmp
got it working when it asked these 2 questions what should I pick, no to them both?

Enable per request file info about files used fromt he APC cache?
Enable spin locks [EXPERIMENTAL]?
Thanks a lot its upgraded, one last thing at the bottom after its upgraded it says this.... How do I run the make test?

Build complete.
Don't forget to run 'make test'.
These two questions it asks on upgrading how can I tell what I picked as I cant remember if I put yes or no?

Enable per request file info about files used fromt he APC cache?
Enable spin locks [EXPERIMENTAL]?


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Generally, the safest way is to stick with the default settings provided by the configure script.

Features marked as EXPERIMENTAL should normally not be enabled in a production environment unless you exactly know what you are doing and are aware of possible consequences.

To figure out which configuration options were set execute a phpinfo();. Scroll down to the APC section and check what Locking type tells you. By default it is something like thread / mutex locks and if it doesn't mention the spin locks, they are most likely not enabled.

Note that this is from memory - cannot verify this on a live server at the moment since I prefer eAccelerator over APC.