Anyone want a BF4 XF Style ?

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Hey all,

I was going to run a Battlefield 4 community but just ran out of time to wave my SEO wand over this domain, so i ended up turning it off to focus on my Pre-Made / Custom Design Business "Expert Pixels" (Quick plug hehe).. This is one of the last screenshots of the XF Style:

I wont be using the domain name now unless someone can magically make at least 2k+ members sign up within a week...

Anyways I did have some rather crazy ideas i was to do to this style but as i needed to launch the site asap i was just trying to get everything unified first and implement my other ideas and further polish on the fly.. Long story short if there are any serious BF4 gamers / BF4 Forum owners here that would have some use for it your welcome to it..

I also have the domain, in which i am not using, Id love to go through with this project but was relying on organic traffic and well now is too late to catch the peak organic / targeted gamers.

It is roughly 80% complete.. it's functional just there will be a lot of little / minor elements that may look whacked and need some tiny .css edits so consider it as is.

Any other time id complete the style before posting but am busy with trying to pick up some paid work and also need to continue to develop my project also.

Regards, Darren
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Hmmm I recall doing some work for you back in those VB days for i believe it was a xbox forum or project of a gaming nature.