Anyone mind taking a look at my site?

One suggestion... if you are doing "code guidance" for other countries... place each country in their own category area, and then use prefixes for more local geographical locations.

Thank you, great point! I'll definitely consider that. I could certainly provide breakdowns to say, province level, for Canada, and similar for other counties in the English-speaking world. Starting out I basically envisioned this as a primarily U.S.-focused forum but wanted to allow for the possibility of international participation so listed other counties as well (bearing in mind there's really no participation right now, so imagining this big international audience is fairly grandiose at the moment, lol). Even though prefixes are cheap/easy to add, I somewhat fear expanding the prefix list by a large amount if the utility is highly uncertain. For now I'll be ready to add smaller gov units for other counties if it looks like there's really that level of interest. I'm happy to make this an Irish permitting forum if it turns out that's where all the interest/demand is (lol). Thanks again!
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