Can anyone with a mobile device test something on my site for me?


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A forum member brought something to my attention recently. He was asking why it is that on his Samsung Galaxy S6, there is no "mobile version". I told him to scroll to the very bottom of the site and look in the left corner. There should be a "Desktop Version / Mobile Version" toggle link. He said he doesn't see that link at all, and sent me a screenshot as proof.

This is very odd, because I see this link just fine on my iPhone 6S Plus.

The link will only work if it detects you're using a mobile device. So, if anyone out there is visiting this forum on a mobile device, can you please check to see if you see the link in the lower left corner of the site?

The site in question is

Thanks in advance!

BTW, this is what the link should look like. It will say "Desktop Version" if you're on a mobile device, and if you click it, it will then take you to the Desktop Version, at which point it will show a "Mobile Version" link in it's place.

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You would be better off posting in the add-on thread for support from the author.


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I sent this thread's link to the author. It's just odd because I can see it fine and all of my other members can as well. It's just this one guy with a Galaxy S6 that can only see the site in desktop view, which I think is odd.


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He must have "request desktop site" enabled on his browser. It doesn't show the link when enabled.

PS it might be helpful to post link to your site next time if you need help.


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He's using Chrome on Android. I'm not sure if Chrome has a "request desktop site" feature. I know Safari does...
It does. I used chrome on Android to replicate the issue by activating that mode. The links won't show if enabled.