Anyone tried with XenForo? :)


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Seems much easier to have XF installed ;)
More info:

XF requirement says:

PHP Info:
@RoldanLT, I've noticed that you've played around with both EasyEngine and ServerPilot now. Which one do you personally like more?
In terms of flexibility/control:
Centminmod > EasyEngine > ServerPilot

In terms of automation/ease of use:
ServerPilot > EasyEngine > Centminmod

Based on my personal observation :)
Curiosity has me digging and seems they Nginx HTTP/2 implementation doesn't have TLS Extension ALPN support so they must be using TLS Extension NPN with Nginx HTTP/2. So with Chrome ending SPDY support and TLS Extension NPN in May 15th 2016, Chrome browser folks will have issues or fallback to non-HTTP/2 based SSL. FYI, Chrome reports that 99% of HTTP/2 negotiations are already over the new TLS Extension ALPN hence why they're terminating support for older TLS Extension NPN on May 15th, 2016


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