Anyone interested in joining me for

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A dedicated Battlefield 4 website / forum.. Aimed at the hardcore Battlefield fan.

Ive run many large gaming sites in the past, one being but was forced to sell that a long time ago and for some reason the new owner has since turned it off.

Anyways i am very interested in firing up the domain i own:, but in order to turn it into a successful project i will need some assistance with this as i have left this very late, It's not impossible to have a top ranking / top serp by the release of the game but we would need to knuckle down ASAP... I had 50k+ online users at anyone time with my old BF3 site and would love to see those numbers again.

I am prepared to put in the hard yards to make this project happen and stand a very good chance of becoming the number one BF4 Community, I really hope some others would be interested in joining me for this It would come with many long term benefits for anyone who was to become a partner.. it's also a massive step towards being able to fire up other related forums very quickly when you have a forum full of dedicated gaming fans... For the most part tho i would just like to build a solid gaming / battlefield Community.

Please get in touch if you are interested in joining me for this project.

Regards, Darren


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I would like to join you in building this up. As you know, I've built an FPS site before.

The only challenge that I see, is that the domain name. "Boards" is a lil lower on the totem pole when trying to find a "forum" for an FPS site. You'd need a really good google ranking. Really, really good to maintain it. I'm not saying it's impossible, since COD4Boards went from 10k members to 100k members. Just know that there are challenges.

Oh, and sort out the server payments... I see a "suspended" page when I go to your site.

EDIT: Oh, I see, it's up again. Hmmm. :confused:
EDIT2: Just registered! :)
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