Anyone have users reporting Tapatalk hijacking their browser?


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We transitioned from vB to XF a week ago, and I decided not to install Tapatalk, especially after reading how they'd acted here. I contacted them to have them remove our content from their site and thought all was good until one of our users reported some troubling behavior today:

Also, I'd like to add that the mobile site doesn't work on my phone. As soon as I click (in the browser) on a sub-forum, the phone tries to launch Tapatalk and then Tapatalk exits out and leaves me back at the home page where I started. So, at the moment, I can't browse on my phone if I wanted to.

We've never had tapatalk running on this xf installation. We did have it with our prior vB software, but we set up xf in a completely separate directory (and now that's on a sep subdomain).

Having tapatalk hijack a phone browser to open things in their app is pretty troubling.


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You do not tell us the whole truth.

You are now using CloudFare that is not properly configured.
Therefore, your users now have problems with Tapatalk.

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By all means, please tell me why Cloudflare would be redirecting users to Tapatalk over a week (actually nearly 2 weeks) after we stopped using forums that had a tapatalk plugin? Should I purge Cloudflare's cache?

We emailed Tapatalk last week and on 4/19 they stated:

The content was removed as per requested. (It may take a few days for the cache to be cleared) and will also not appear in the future.
It's disturbing that a week later they still have our content on their site.


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Sorry, I do not have CloudFare experience. I'm using KeyCDN.
I do not think it's the solution to empty your cache.

As long as I can become an outsider via Tapatalk on your forum.
Your data has apparently not been removed at Tapatalk