Any sort of roadmap for Xenforo 2.3 ?

It's not like it'd be the first time he took a jab at XF.

(Some folks have long memories and remember his involvement with "the lawsuit".)
Well, when you trail you leading competitor by so far, you have to do something to "be different" and try to make yourself feel good.
Well, here we are, the 1st day of December and still nothing. It's not going to happen at all this year. Santa didn't deliver this year.

Sad Santa Claus GIF by filmeditor
It's nice to see that non-disruptive features are added to third point releases i.e. 2.2.12
I hope that we will continue to see non-disruptive features released this way. If a feature will not break any addon if released, then its very welcome in a minor release.
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