XF 2.0 Any plans to support sphinxsearch?

Do you have any plans to support Sphinx?

I would use Elasticsearch, but it's extremely bloatware. Sphinx only requires 5 packages to be installed on the server to run, Elasticsearch requires 91 packages. There is no way I could ever install something with that many dependencies, especially when trying save as much resources as possible for anything else running on the server.

Jake B.

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I believe @digitalpoint has an add-on for Sphinx support in XF1, not sure if he is planning on moving that to XF2 as I believe it was built before XF's ElasticSearch add-on was made available
My server currently has Sphinx search installed because we're running VB4. However we're now migrating to XF2. Can I install ES on the server even though Sphinx is already installed?