Any plans for direct SMF 1.x to Xenforo converter?

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I'm thinking of converting my forum ( from SMF 1.x to Xenforo. However, from what I've read there is no direct converter from SMF to Xenforo. Are there any plans by the Xenforo team to create this? I have a feeling going from SMF > phpBB > Xenforo will result in lost or deconstructed data. Maybe I'm wrong? Anyone care to share there SMF > Xenforo conversion experience?

Also, while I have you, one problem I continue to battle with on UltiTalk is infiltration by spammers. I deal with at least one a day. And regardless of my attempts to thwart the spammers (IP blocking, Captchas, Questions) more and more continue to show up. Does Xenforo have better spammer blocking than SMF 1.x? Anyone have other suggestions for stopping Spammers from getting in?




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For spam tools, there are only two built in, Q&A CAPTCHA and RE:CAPTCHA. There are some mods in the resources that use Stop Forum Spam and similar blacklists to screen registrations, but me personally prefer to use Q&A, as it seems to be working very good for me. There is also an addon from Key Captcha ( that adds a puzzle type captcha.

As for the import process, I have no experience with that. I know that the import from phpBB3 is pretty good though.