Any Motorbike enthusiasts here ?

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hi all,

Wondering if there are any riders here ? (Motorbike riders) ??

Ive secured a domain name a while ago and just a few days ago fired it up using XF: Motorbike Forum

I know there are thousands of forums / sites looking for partners out there and well i don't care for website partners (I do but i don't lol).. I am really looking for like minded people to join me for this project, I don't care if you have forum admin / mod exp.. just looking for people with who are like minded as me and have a genuine interest in motorbikes like i do.

Anyways my site is a work in progress and will be just that for the next few weeks, but if anyone here rides a Motorbike or has a solid interest in Motorbikes than please PM me here or via my website.. really looking to create the ultimate Motorbike website and to do so i will require some help / fellow riders.

Regards, Darren