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We've just started a new forum called Hej, Apple!. It's a Slovenian forum for Apple enthusiasts. It is in local language, but I decided to share it here anyway.

All customizations are made by https://www.customizexf.com and most add-ons installed are also from us.

But, if anybody here speaks Slovene, welcome to our forum! :)
Nice new forum my friend, always love how clean and unique your work looks. Definitely a talented developer and I'm sure it will do well. Good luck. :)
An article about our forum:

I hope it will gain some activity, it's really a niche forum for our small little land. But I like to keep it neat and clean :)
Haha, I've heard that already :)

Actually, the colors are from here:
Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 9.31.53.png

The blue one was added, because I think it fits the most. Well, first there were only 4 straight lines, but yes, now you can imagine what you want.
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