Add-on Any addon to turn xF into Q&A site ?


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Jake did a quickie "fixed" Q and A or me by importing records into a forum at:

But this is designed for only one or a few folks to add to it. I suppose we could add nested comments if we wanted to come up with the next step.

An add-on would be nice for this - although there are various features folks might want. For instance, I've thought about being able to convert a thread to a QA by choosing the "Question" post and then choosing one or more answer posts and then being able to edit them and move them to a QA section.

I suppose there could be a whole feature list like that!


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I'd love it if Jake made some paid addons.
Do ya want his pp addy?
He accepts US dollars as donations....

Paid add-ons seem like a tough slog, because the user base isn't that big yet and the prices are pretty low for most of them. Having people yap at you over a $5 or $10 item which you sold 35 units of is probably not exactly endearing...