I was able to turn my XF site into a fully functioning Twitter clone...


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And I did it all in about 30 mins. Using just XF 2.1. Of course, I hate Twitter, but I did this both as an April Fools joke and as a way to show off XenForo's INCREDIBLE flexibility.

I really hope the XenForo team doesn't ever lose sight of this power. XenForo's stability and its incredible feature set are what separate it from every other web software out there. Anyway. That's all I wanted to say.
Any screenshots?

I probably should have, although in my defense, there wasn't much to screenshot. Here's the redone logo though and here's exactly how I did it.


1. (Optional) Redo the style.
2. Make the Character Limit 280.
3. Turn on character counter.
4. Allow users to post reactions in group permissions, disable all reactions except Like.
5. (Optional) Switch off chatbox. (We have one.)
6. Switch off ads if you're running them.
7. Make all sub-forums private in node permissions.
8. Make a front page widget to display the latest profile posts.

As an added bonus, XF search can also comb through profile posts which also include finding hashtags.
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