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So I want to allow unregistered users to post in one of the forums. And I don't want them to see other people's posts. This appears not to quite work, because the threads show up, but you can't see them when not logged in, because the forum can't tell they're yours. Which I guess makes sense. But I'm just wondering: Is that the expected behavior, or should the matching non-logged-in cookie be allowing the anon user to still see their post?


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Node Permissions > Forum Permissions

  • View threads by others: Revoke
  • View thread content: Allow
  • Post new threads: Allow
  • Post replies: Allow


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Because guests aren't actually users and there's no way to say whether one guest is the same as another, they can't view other threads/posts by guests. So this is expected.
So registered-but-unconfirmed users could use that, but unregistered users, I'd need a forum that they could see threads in.

I don't really want to split the forum up. Is there a way to make some threads more-visible or less-visible, so that, say, threads posted by unregistered users can be seen by anyone, but threads posted by registered users can be seen only by other registered users? If not, I guess I ... hmm. I don't have a clue. Well, I can keep registration pretty trivial and obviously not require real information, so at least people can register without significant risk.


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There isn't any way to setup the permissions like that out of the box, so you'd either have to drop the concept or indeed do something with splitting it up (which would mean all guests could view other guest threads).
Huh. Well, I can backburner it for now. Seems so far that a lot of people are pretty content to just register with obviously fake email addresses.