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Allow us to see attached images.

Could we have permissions changed so I can see attached images in the 'Add-on Releases' forum which I can't do at the moment?

I understand I can't post in there as I am not a customer but it would be beneficial for both members/non-members to be able to see large attached images and how xF could be enhanced by add-ons. In particular I was trying to see how xF/WP integration works.


Well-known member
Sorry, but there are no plans at this time to change attachment viewing (including images) in the Customer forums, for members whom are not associated with a license.
I second this, as a potenial customer looking to move from VB4 it would be useful to see screenshots to help decide when/if to switch to xenforo


Well-known member
I'm not a licence holder yet, but do find it a shame I can't take part in discussions about add-ons and the likes, or look at the images showing the new styles people have made. I feel like a lot of people, I would be able to contribute, even though I'm not buying a licence until it's out of beta.