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Coming from vB where we also included forum polls on our site pages for more exposure and allowed everyone to vote, we've had hundreds of votes in every poll. After moving to XF, where only registered users can vote in polls, our polls fell into complete disuse as so few people are voting on them now that it's not worth creating them. As with many communities, the majority of our user base is passive readers and users of our content and as such not registered on our forums and consequently ineligible to vote in the polls.

I understand that not requiring registration for voting on the polls can mean that a certain number of votes might not be legitimate, but I also believe that with the far larger accessibility of the polls to all of our site's visitors this would be self-corrected to a large degree. None of our polls are deciding on Brexit, so accessibility is of far more importance to us.

So could we get the option to allow unregistered poll votes too, please? Anyone who doesn't want it can just keep requiring registration to vote.
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