XF 2.2 If we have set forum to not allow Unregistred users to view forum the unfurl function does not work?


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hello and happy belated thanksgiving to all,

I am not sure if this is a bug or the workflow of xenforo

It seems, if we do not allow unregistered users group to view threads.
then the unfurl funtion does not work?

1) so I am logged in as admin and I have set the groups and permissions > user group permissions > Unregistered/Unconfirmed users to NO all the way down.
2) still logged in as admin I try to post in a thread another post link to make it unfurl
3) I save that post and it just shows the link not the unfurl
4) i then went back to the settings for Unregistered/Unconfirmed users and set general permissions > View to YES and View Node to Yes
5) then forum permissions> view threads by others to YES and View thread content to YES

now when I use a unfurl it works

so why is it that if we wanted our site to not show the forums unless they signup or made private forum for friend only invite and needed to hide the content, it ruins the ability for the unfurl to work for the rest of the user groups ?

seems it should still work for all users groups other than those not logged in?

just wondering why is this the only way this function can work ?


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Hello, UNFURL works fine even with no permission to view nodes & forum for unregistered usergroup in my forum.
Weird this behaviour in your installation, maybe there is something else somewhere...


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Test URL unfurling​

This tool helps diagnose errors relating to the URL unfurl system including which metadata can be fetched.
The following error occurred while fetching metadata from URL https://mydomain.com/threads/please-follow-the-rules.6/
Could not fetch metadata from URL with error: Response returned a non-successful status code: 403

this is what I see when unregistered usergroups are set to NO for view and nodes and view thread content and view threads by others

if i have view and nodes on in general permissions I can get unfurl to work only for categories (nodes) then if I turn on view thread content and view threads by others then I can get unfurl to work for threads as well but when I have the set to NO it get error
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UPDATE:11/27/2020 7:59pm CST us

I just went to my dev site and did fresh install and then went back n forth and reset all permissions:
went to groups permissions> user groups.

here I went in order of administrator first, then moderator, registered users and finally Unregistered / Unconfirmed and set everything as if it were a fresh install...

Then I went to groups and permissions > user group permissions >
and doubled checked all permissions for all user groups here as well just to make sure they were all the same.

then I also went to:
Users > List all users and and selected permissions for administrator and double checked the settings here as well just to make sure I did not miss anything.

then finally went to: groups and permissions > user group permissions > Unregistered/Unconfirmed

I set the first 2 selections to> NO

(view node)

then scrolled to forum permissions

I set the first 2 selections to> NO

(view threads by others)
(view thread content)

then saved and tried again and i get the same error?

Thanks again for your help in advance,

PS checked log for errors there are none

my server
Intel(R) DUAL Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 v2 @ 2.50GHz
128 ram
raid 1 (500 ssd)

settings from xenforo script :
You have the recommended PHP version.
PHP version7.3.24
MySQL version10.3.27 (10.3.27-MariaDB)
PHP memory_limit256M
PHP post_max_size800M
PHP upload_max_filesize400M
PHP max_input_vars1000
PHP max_execution_time30
cURL version7.73.0cURL
SSL versionOpenSSL/1.1.1h OpenSSL versionOpenSSL 1.1.1h 22 Sep 2020

Suhosin enabledNo
Imagick supportYes
EXIF supportYes
GZip supportYes
mbstring supportYes
gmp supportYes
ZipArchive supportYes
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If your forum or page is not accessible to guests unfurling won't work.
Ok I thought it might use the session of that user who is logged in to get the content instead of a guest
Do you think this is possible to somehow use a users session - cookies to get the unfurl URL to work from our own site since we are logged into the site instead of getting the URL from the guest view and somehow make it work for all registered and moderators and admins when they are logged in ?
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