Alert unread count?


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Using xfloader for several functions and full integration on my website with Xenforo, I'm able to easy obtain unread messages, since it's a field provided by User model. I want to display unread alerts as well.

I can pull the data from the Alert model however it pulls ALL the alerts when using either getAlertsForUser or countAlertsForUser. So I looked at the options for fetchRecent but it refers to days for expiry rather than just unread.

If I pull the entire alerts I can see viewDate or whatever it is as zero or NULL which means it's unread but I was hoping for a solution where I didn't have to pull the entire contents of getAlertsForUser just to count the unread.

What am I doing wrong here?


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uh duh, it's right in the user model just like conversations, just didn't see it. Was checking the navigation_visitor_tab template where it references it. Should have delved more.

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