Lack of interest Alert Me When...


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I would love to have Alert Preferences that can offer options to keep an eye on certain conditions or to narrow down the massive alerts. Few examples:

- Alert me when: a post contains "comma separated, list, of, keywords" [I might have more than one nick names of mine to watch or other keywords (RegEx will be added kick but how many users can use that?
- Alert me when: someone reaches "500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000" post counts [So that I can greet her/him the occasion timely to make them feel special]
- Alert me when: It is B'Day of anyone whom I follow [Is this already there?]


- Alert me not when: alert belongs to "multi-select list of forums"
- Alert me not when: some whom I don't follow, mentions my nick name(s)

If not instant then may be with the help of a cron job?

I am not sure if it is already suggested, as I am not smart enough to force XF Search to tell me exactly this. But I am sure, Brogan is!


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I think you should have the option to be alerted when a certain forum is posted in. That could replace "Watch Forum" feature.