MG 1.1 Album GIFs rendering our Media index useless


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I am encountering an issue with media content: Some of my Premium members like to post a lot of random GIFs and NSFW / adult images in their albums and in a few categories. That's fine as long as such images are contained to albums and some categories. After all they are paying members and on previous galleries this has never been a problem.

But we see that the media index has become unusable. Often the first 300 images on the index are useless cat gifs, instead of media that relates to the site topic. What we really need is a way to filter this, so that the index only shows content from selected categories and no albums.

Is there any way to resolve this?


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I would make an extra category for those type of pictures and remove that from index. Then make rules for posting such images. Whenever one posts there, new pics are not shown on index. In addition you can put all new pictures into the Moderation queue which is of course more work.

The other solution would be a cat meme recognition algorithm add-on... :D