Lack of interest Media Gallery: Exclude Categories/Albums from Media Index

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eLo fellow Xenforo users,

Sorry if I am posting this the wrong place and sorry if there already is a way to do this (which I havnt found). Could it be a possibility to exclude certain Categories/Albums from our Media Index, so you will actually have to go into the Album or Category in order to see the photos so they dont popup in the Media Index?

Best regards Shamatix
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I have a need for this as well. The problem is that our categories contain media that is relevant to our niche, while the albums just contains random member stuff like MEMEs, funny gifs and even NSWF images.
We do not want low quality media on the index.


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Definitely - we do have some "off topic" categories and personal albums which I'd really prefer to keep from appearing in the main index.


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Definitely a must have!
I have purchased Media Gallery this week.
Very disappointed to see that personal albums and categories media are all on the media gallery home page.