MG 1.1 xengallery_category_sidebar_list remove from media index only


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What would be a conditional which would show the xengallery_category_sidebar_list template (sidebar category list) only on page=1 page=2 page=3 and so on but not on the /media homepage

Explaination: I'm using the XFA RM resource to show an expanded more graphical category list on the media homepage only. I've wrapped the xfa_rmcl_mg_categories template in
<xen:if is="!{$page}">
which successfully shows the expanded category list only on the /media homepage but not on the /media/?page=2 /media/?page=3 and so on pages.

Now I'd like to do the inverse to compliment this, and show the standard sidebar category list on any of the index sub pages (which don't included the expanded category list) but not on the index page itself.

However, <xen:if is="{$page}"></xen:if> doesn't seem to work within the xengallery_category_sidebar_list template. And searching other templates for one which contains xengallery_category_sidebar_list to see if I could wrap it in a parent template returns no results.

Chris D

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There's likely not actually a solution for this.

The {$page} variable probably isn't available to the category list template, which is essentially a special "wrapper" template.