Implemented AKISMET - SPAM Blocker


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Been told many times it sucks for forums, try and
I'm not sure I'd say it's sucks, but it does seem to generate more false positives and/or false negatives on forums than it does on blogs. I still think it's useful compliment to Stop Forum Stop or Bot Scout though... I'd rather spend a few minutes clearing the mod cue in the morning then dealing the fallout from the graphic porn spam slipped though during the though during the night.


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There can be no 'graphic porn' if you pre-moderate all new member posts, you can do this easy by setting up user groups and move your 'good members' into a Super user group not subject to pre-moderation !!


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Akismet is AWFUL for forums. Using Akismet for a year on my old forums, these are my findings...

False Positives... WAY TOO MANY
True Positives... ZERO, NADA, ZILCH

My script uses StopForumSpam, BotScout and FSpamList.


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I tried typepads for 10 minutes and it flagged a number of decent I am back to manual.
I go through the new signups each morning and look for hints....and also have stop forum spam (only hits about 20% of the time).....but it's easy to tell from some basics.
I also have an IP lookup built into my review screen so I can see if the location matches the required field location they entered.....
It takes me about 5 minutes a day - to go though the 10-20 new signups and do a pretty good job of deleting any suspects.
My users would help me if any got through.