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Ajax based new post notification


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A forum I visit frequently (http://gathering.tweakers.net) uses an Ajax based "new post notification" system.

When you are reading a topic ans someone posts a new reply during that time, a notification appears at the bottom of that thread. When you click the notification, the new posts appear.

More info (Dutch!): http://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/list_messages/1451044

I like the feature very much because it will result in a lot less traffic on the populair threads and it is more user-friendly because it's not necessary to reload the whole page.


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XF will display a notice once you've posted - to tell you that there are other replies - and give you a link to view them. (y)


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I've moved the thread from resource requests to add-on requests, assuming that's what you wanted.


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The alert system is a nice feature, more for forum-wide alerts. A thread-specific alert would be even cooler.

I've made a video to show you what I mean:



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vBSEO.com used to have this feature also, if you were focused on the reply box and there was a new post it would let you know and you could read the new posts before posting your reply.... it saved a lot of ninja moments :p