XF 1.5 After upgrade: the uploaded file does not have an allowed extension


We upgraded from 1.4.x (latest patch) to 1.5.12 recently.
I now have two separate users, both on Galaxy S3s using stock browsers, saying that they're getting "The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension" error.

One of the users emailed me the file. It's a png (which is an allowed extension), and the file size and dimensions are both within our attachment upload limits. I was able to upload the emailed file no problem (iPhone 6s Plus chrome).

Bit of a headscratcher. Any ideas?



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An issue has been identified with the new HTML uploader and older Android versions.

It has been patched in the next XF release but in the meantime, you can try disabling the HTML uploader.


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I have been running lately into the same issue. But only .png files are making problems, others are fine... How can I disable the HTML uploader? Or is there another fix maybe?



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If you aren't running 1.5.13, you should upgrade to that. There are several changes that may have fixed this. If you still get it with 1.5.13 (or here), please give details on how to reproduce the issue, including the device in use (and OS/browser version).