admin vs public css

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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I currently do this in 1.2 to know if I'm in admin versus public:

Rich (BB code):
			$isAdmin = (   XenForo_Application::getFc()->getDependencies()->getBaseViewClassName() == 'XenForo_ViewAdmin_Base'   );
			$isPublic = (   XenForo_Application::getFc()->getDependencies()->getBaseViewClassName() == 'XenForo_ViewPublic_Base'   );

			if ($isPublic)
				$template->addRequiredExternal('css', 'nat_public_css');
			else if ($isAdmin)
				$template->addRequiredExternal('css', 'nat_admin_css');
What other methods do people use?

Some older addons are encountering conflicts with NodesAsTabs because it uses XenForo_Application::getFc() which is new to 1.2. So I want to use a different method to avoid causing errors in other addons.