Admin tabs dropdown menus


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Something like Nodes as Tabs except without ability to tamper with the main tabs in admin.

Just add a nat template with secondary links - to display as dropdown menu + bar like frontend.
Default with a few basics then we add our favourites.

Jake? Anyone?
I'm not sure I see any one willing to spend time developing this. I know it requires the use of Debug Mode but creating Admin Nabvigation tabs is incredibly easy and instead of a drop down menu/secondary nav bar, you have a sidebar with menu links.

Creating anything else to do something similar just seems to me like replicating functionality we already have.
The sidebar only gives me access to the section I'm in.

I just fin d myself doing alot of clicking in the admincp
Far better than VB ever was, but then on VB I also had a custom admin menu addon which was fantastic. I had all my preferred useful admin links in one place.
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