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Lack of interest Admin CP - Return to my search


Well-known member
Let's say I want to search for users with email from a specific domain. I go to the search user page and type in the domain and get a list of those users. I want to delete them all. I click the 'X' and confirm the deletion, but it takes me away from my search results when it finishes deleting the user. I had more users I wanted to take action on - don't make me hit the back button, take me back to my search results.


XenForo developer
Staff member
It's not exactly your suggestion, but click "show all matches". You can now run a batch update to delete all of those that match.


Well-known member
*facepalm* I suppose I should try and upgrade to 1.2 soon - forgot about the bulk management features being added.
Either way, I'll stand by this suggestion for instances when I'm not doing bulk management, but still want to return to my initial search.