XF 2.2 "Return to Forum" button above the quick reply window...


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When the User clicks to read a topic, there are breadcrumbs at the top and bottom, allowing them quick navigation. However, on a phone, to read the topic then get to the last post on that page, the User has to scroll all the way back up or scroll beyond the 'sidebar' content, which on a phone is linear.

It doesn't do them good to just hit Back on their browser, because then it wouldn't register the topic as read.

Just above the Quick Reply window, right below the pagination navigation, I'd like to add Return to Forum Topics. I have found the location, but I'm not sure of the syntax to return the User to see the Topics of a forum.

I have this...
<xf:button href="{$requestPaths.requestUri}" class="item control">Return to Forum Topics (Not Working Yet)
...which returns the User to the top of that page. That was suggested at some point in 1.5.

I had it set up in 2.0 and 2.1, but I lost it upgrading to 2.2, having to revert the templates.

Can anyone help me with the syntax in the HREF?
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For future reference:

<a class="thread-category" href="{{ link('forums', $thread.Forum) }}">{$thread.Forum.title}</a>

Kind of sucks when Google Search is better on a site than the site's search function. Not a criticism, just an observation.