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So I'm at a loss. I simply can't login to my admin back end area. I can login to the front end just fine, and when I login to the front end after clicking login, it says I'm already logged in. I've tried changing the password but the new password doesn't work either.

Don't know if this would have anything to do with it, but I started a new forum with a new domain on this same Xenforo copy, with new database etc like I've done so many times before, but don't know if this would have any bearing on my problem. Also I used hcaptcha this time on my first copy and after deleting all files and my domain from the hcaptcha site, it still shows on the front end when I log in. So that seems strange and may have something to do with it. I've tried installing five different fresh installation copies but get the same result. Anyone have any clues? I would greatly appreciate it.
The domain registered against the license has no bearing on this issue.

It's server related.
Some sort of caching, reverse proxy, security mechanism, etc.
So contacted my host and they told me no issues or setting issues on the server. Far as reverse proxy, they said since I'm on shared hosting that wouldn't be the problem. Told me a problem with codes and that I needed to contact my developer. I am the developer lol . So still not sure what's going on here.
What is the URL?
Hi Brogan
Just seeing this. Actually I think it is the host. Guess I'll just buy me a cheap hosting plan for my forum endeavors and use this one for my WordPress. Actually was gonna do that anyway but this forces me to. I appreciate your help on this. :)
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