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Adjusting Banner In Sidebar


Well-known member
We've a banner with width 250 px which the advertiser wants to show in the sidebar. I therefore created an extra sidebar block with following code: -

<div class="section">
    <div class="secondaryContent">
And added following code above {xen:raw $sidebar} in PAGE_CONTAINER

<xen:include template="name_of_your_custom_template" />
As a result of this, the banner appears as follows -


Note that the banner breaks through the sidebar left boundary by a few pixels. This is because both banners and sidebar are of the same width: 250 pixels. I'm wondering whether any CSS magic can make the banner appear right within the sidebar.

I think this can be achieved by eliminating just the margin/padding on the left & right side of the banner only for the additional block. Can someone help?